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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Helping you choose the right commercial kitchen fryer

The fryer is often one of the most overworked items in a commercial kitchen. Therefore it is critical that like in any trade, you get the right tool for the job.Many manufacturers produce different models, each designed for a specific purpose.

In general, there are two basic designs for fryer pots- one is the “tube” style (which feature internal heating conductors just above the sediment collection , or “cold zone”). This is a great all-purpose fryer and for heavily breaded/battered items, such as calamari.

The most common is the “open pot design” where the heating conductors are located outside the frypot and have deep internal sediment collection zone (cold zone) This fryer is perfect for items such as fries and lightly battered foods.It also makes cleaning much easier due to the lack of tubes.

For wet-battered products, such as hand-battered fish, a flat bottom fryer is the best .

The most important
aspect of your fryer is the thermostat. Fryers that are rated as “high capacity”, can sense a difference in the temperature of
your oil by 1 degree, which can mean that the burners kick on as soon as you drop the basket.

How is that important to you as the operator? It means you get more production in the same amount of time, which also translates into a food product that is less greasy and extends the life of the shortening as the food has less time in the fryer.

Therefore, for establishments where the fryer is a mainstay of the food production process, I would recommend a high capacity fryer.

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